Kokshetau Quantorium - best part of summer vocations

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26 July, 2018, 13:09 264
Kokshetau Quantorium - best part of summer vocations

Technopark Quantorium in Kokshetau is attended by about 300 children during the summer season.

The Centre equipped with a robotechnichs room, 3-D printing units etc. provides educational programs for children aged 5 to 18 years, BNews.kz correspondent reports.

Five directions of training - "Initial Technical Modeling", "Fundamentals of Programming", "Industrial Design", "Robotics", "Aviasudomodel" are in the list to choose from.

Teachers have passed courses of improvement of professional skill. Teachers are real masters of their craft. For example, Daniyar Ramzinov who teaches design and 3-D modeling took courses in robotics in France.

“Together with the other guys, we create a robot with the help of the Lego Education designer. The next step is to "program" it. Thanks to us the same developed program. The robot will be performed by our teams, " said the graduate of Quantorium Andrei Butorin.

“The city's children's industrial park is designed for 1,080 students. Currently, about 300 children regularly visit the Centre. The lessons are free of charge, deputy director of the technopark Gulnar Musametova stressed.

The Technopark was launched on occasion of Kokshetau Day. The reconstruction amounted to 14 million tenge which were allocated form the city budget.

In future, the graduates of the Technopark will get the opportunity to take part in the city, regional and international Olympiads, exhibitions, contests.

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