Kokshetau to start CHP in 2024

13 November, 2018, 16:09 435
Kokshetau to start CHP in 2024

Kokshetau remains the only regional center of Kazakhstan without sustainable heat supply and power generation. 

In 2024, a CHP of 430 Ghal/h thermal capacity and 180 MW electric capacity will be built in Kokshetau. A treaty has been signed with Dan LLP within the public-private partnership principle, INA Kazinform reports. 

Electricity generation will enable to cover the shortfall of electricity capacity of the city of Kokshetau and the Burabay resort zone, as well as to cut down prices for electricity. When designing the CHP, domestic materials, as well as techniques and devices, that meet the international standards of quality and security, will be applied to the maximum. 

On top of solid fuel, heat and electricity will be generated from natural gas in the future following the further process of modernization. The establishment of such additional projects as the construction of a greenhouse complex and a plant producing prefabricated concrete elements is considered, resulting in additional workplaces and tax receipts to the regional budget. During its construction, as well as all the necessary facilities, the hiring local population will be a priority. 

From 700 to 1000 people will be temporarily engaged in construction works in four years, more than 600 local residents will get permanent jobs. 

"The treaty on the construction of the CHP in the regional center will enable to face the tasks announced by the head of state. Firstly, they include important social issues as it is intended not only to improve life-supporting infrastructure but also to serve a further impetus to develop the urban infrastructure of the region, including housing construction, within the project," they said in the Energy and Housing and Communal Services Department. 

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