KTZ observed a 6.6% yearly growth of cargo turnover

09 January, 2019, 12:55 668
KTZ observed a 6.6% yearly growth of cargo turnover

There was 15% of domestic cargo and over 85% of export cargo. 

Kazakhstan Temir Zholy’s cargo turnover added up to 222.5 billion ton/kilometers in the past year, showing a 6.6% growth compared to that in 2017, the company’s press office reports.

The total amount of cargo equaled 254.8 million tons, thus increasing by 13 million tons over 2017, including over 170 million tons of domestic cargo, and over 84.7 million tons of exports.  

Transportation of social cargo was carried out in full, including over 105 million tons of coal (+3%); more than 72 million tons of solid fuel (+4%) within the country; grain – 11.5 million tons (+35%), including 8.8 million tons (52%) for exports; grinding products – 3.5 million tons (+3%)

The year 2018 saw the growth in the main cargo items, including the 8% rise in iron ore over 2017, non-ferrous ores – by 5%, construction materials – by 6%.




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