LRT new launch data voiced out by Astana Mayor

18 September, 2018, 14:04 356
LRT new launch data voiced out by Astana Mayor

The basic construction process should be completed in 2019 year.

According to correspondent, September 18, 2018, on the sidelines of the Government Astana Mayor voiced out the commissioning of the light rail transport project (LRT).

“In accordance with the LRT project, we are to complete the basic process of construction by the end of the 2019 year. It is expected all structures and upper rails should be built without prevarication or delays. Of course, installation and testing need more time, however, the basic scope of works is to be done till the end of the next year,” Astana Mayor explained.

As Bakhhyt Sultanov added currently a relevant work is also being done with the LRT project’s partners for accelerating the commissioning process. In responding to journalist whether the LRT project will function in 2020, the Mayor said it is planned by 2020. “We are faced with such a task, I, of course, must implement it,” Sultanov noted.

As it designed in the plan the LRT will connect the airport and the Nurly Zhol new railway station. The length of the overpass will be 22.4 km, totalling 18 stations in the city and 19 units of rolling stock.

As reported earlier last week, Bakhyt Sultanov paid a visit to a number of stations of the transport system of LRT, where work is being carried out.

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