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Majilis approved the bill on land relations

22 February, 12:08 287
Majilis approved the bill on land relations

Any percentage of the foreign participation in the statutory fund will lead to impossibility of getting appropriate rights to a land.

The bill on land regulations was approved by Majilis in the second reading, correspondent reports.

As notes the conclusion of the draft law of Kazakhstan “On introduction of amendments and additions in certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on land relations,” the main provisions regards the establishment of transparent mechanisms of the provision of agricultural lands by the detailed regulation of the activity of the land commission on the provision of the rights of land use based on contest, as well as the strengthening of control over rational use of agricultural lands and the implementation by land users the obligations by conducting the permanent monitoring.

The bill expands the list of exceptional cases, when withdrawal of lands for needs of the state, to develop housing construction and to provide the rural population with rangelands, is possible.

In addition to this, the action of moratorium on the provision of agricultural lands for rent to joint enterprises, which have a proportion of foreigners or foreign legal persons in the statutory fund, expands. Now, any percentage of the foreign participation in the statutory fund will lead to a chance to get relevant rights to a land.

Deputy Minister of Agriculture of Kazakhstan Yerlan Nysanbayev noted on the sidelines of the plenary session that in 2016 In May moratorium on certain norms in accordance with the Land Code till 2021 was announced.

“Today, we have determined a range of tasks that we need to accomplish. We need to have a clear view on the number of agricultural lands, including rangelands is needed for livestock in rural settlements. Now, we have a big problem, that is why lands are rented in the outskirts of rural settlements. Our task is to return these lands and to ban the provision of lands for rent. The land should be in collective use. We need to understand the what happens with land. Today, the state allocated funds, because before this fund were not allocated in full,” Yerlan Nysanbayev said.

According to him, now the Ministry holds soil research of lands.

“We started to fully conduct geobotanic research, the state of pastures on the area of 33 million hectares. Only after this, we together with the public will accept the final solution. During four years, we will conduct research of lands, the determination of borders of rural settlements. After that, the public will accept a joint solution,” Deputy Minister said.