Majilis Deputies hold meetings with population in regions

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11 July, 2018, 15:45 260
Majilis Deputies hold meetings with population in regions

They tell the results of their law-making activity and visit social and industrial facilities of the regions.

These days Majilis Deputies visit the regions of the country where they meet the population and labour collectives. The first meetings were held in Karaganda, West Kazakhstan, Kyzylorda regions, as well as in Astana and Shymkent, correspondent reports with a reference to a press service of the Majilis.  

Credit: press service of Majilis 

The parliamentarians inform about the legislative novelties adopted to accomplish the main programme documents and initiatives of the President of Kazakhstan, tell about the results of their law-making activity in the third session, during which 84 draft laws were adopted out of 129 considered ones. The special attention was placed to the mechanisms of the implementation of the Five Social Initiatives of the President.

In particular, during the meeting of Majilis Deputies Gulnar Birzhanov and Serik Sapiyev with the Botakara zhylu labour collective in the village of Kushoky of the Bukhar Zhyrau district of Karaganda region those who gathered were interested in the mechanisms to get housing under the 7-20-25 programme.

Also, the current issues for the district were raised. In particular, the thing was about the reconstruction of the local water networks built in the early 60s. The local population is also concerned about the closure of the ambulance station. The Majilis Deputies took the issue under their personal control.  

During the visit to the regional social and industrial facilities, the Majilis Deputies discuss with the labour collectives necessary measures of support, mainly, the development of various sectors of the economy at the legislative level.

Credit: press service of Majilis 

In particular, at the meeting of Majili Deputies Pavel Kazantseva, Bakhytzhan Yertayev, Zhanat Omarbekova and Yuri Timoshenko with the collective of Eurocopter Kazakhstan engineering in Astana, the thing was about the development of the innovation capacity, and the tourist sector where helicopters of the plant can be used. The necessary legislative norms for it will be considered, according to the parliamentarian, at the upcoming session during the discussion of the relevant draft law by working groups in the Majilis.

At the meeting of Majilis Deputy, member of the Deputy Group of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan Natalya Zhumadildayeva in Shymkent in the school lyceum No.24 named after S.Yerubayev and the Palace of Schoolers, the main topics of discussion with the teachers were the issues of social protection of teacher, reforms in the sphere of education.  

The Majilis Deputies also pay attention to the implementation of the main tasks set by the Kazakh head of state on spots.

During the visit to the special Public Service Centre in Uralsk, Deputies Snezhanna Imasheva, Yevgeniy Kozlov, Gleb Shchegelskiy and Sergei Simonov payed attention to the issues of digitalization of West Kazakhstan region.

Credit: press service of Majilis 

And Majilis Deputies Abzal Yeraliyev, Bakhyt Smagul, Gennady Shipovskikh as part of the visit to Kyzylorda region the Zhanakorgan district met with the collective of the sulfuric acid plant SKZ-U. In the plant, the leading environmentally safe technology is applied.

Once being familiarized with the results of the work of the plant, the Majilis Deputies noted the considerable contribution of the plant to the development of the country’s economy. The parliamentarians also expressed the hope that the output products would be widely applied in all areas of the economy.