Marine Atlantic ferry stuck in ice off Cape Breton

05 April, 2017, 16:50 326 Astana
Marine Atlantic ferry stuck in ice off Cape Breton

Marine Atlantic confirms the MV Highlanders is stuck in ice off the coast of Cape Breton, reports.

The Marine Atlantic-operated MV Highlanders became trapped Tuesday morning about 300 m from open water after departing North Sydney, N.S., with more than 200 people aboard along with dozens of vehicles.

Marine Atlantic did call the Canadian Coast Guard to see if there was any assistance they could offer, however there are no ice breakers in the area.

The last two storm systems in Atlantic Canada came with persistent and strong northerly winds.

Spokesman Darrell Mercer says there are 209 passengers onboard along with 85 commercial trucks and 65 vehicles.

"We're trying to get that vessel moving as quickly as possible but Mother Nature is going to have the final say of when it can get freed",Darrell Mercer said. 

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