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45,000 official workplaces created over 2017 in Almaty

21 February, 13:29 190
45,000 official workplaces created over 2017 in Almaty

According to the Mayor, great efforts were made on legalization in employment during last year. The city data base was actualized, social statuses of more than 235, 000 people were updated.

45.000 official places were created in 2017. Mayor of the city Baurzhan Baibek informed about it during a meeting with the population, BNews.kz reported.     

“In recent years, we have been systematically working to reduce the volume of the gray economy. As you know, according to the instructions of the President, large-scale legalization was carried out in the country. As a result, in 2016 the economy received 3.9 trillion tenge by involving properties and money, that is, we get 100 billion tenge as taxes annually. 

Also, in the city non-cash payments on public transport, parking lots, leisure facilities are being integrated, the markets and shopping centers are being modernized. Nowadays 54% of non-cash payments in Kazakhstan belongs to Almaty,” Baibek said, whose words were quoted in the press service message of the Mayor of the city on Wednesday.

At the same time, according to the Mayor, a lot of work was done during the past year on legalization in the sphere of employment. The urban database was updated, social statuses of more than 235, 000 people were updated.

So, more than 22,000 persons who rented real estate, engaged in private transportation, tutoring, network marketing were taken under tax accounting. Almost 1,5 thousand hired workers, who previously received wages in envelopes, signed labor contracts. As stated in the information, now these people are covered by social protection measures.

At the same time, 14.5 thousand unregistered temporary unemployed persons were identified, that is, citizens who do not have an official income, do not participate in the accumulative pension system and do not pay taxes.

'Since September the City Employment Center has started to work in a new format. Using the principle of "single window" it became possible to enter the labor exchange, where more than 35,000 vacancies are placed in the electronic format, issue benefits, get consultations on legalization of labor relationsю In general, through anti-crisis measures 45 thousand jobs were created last year - this is twice more than the amount of the previous year,” Baibek said.

This year, it is planned that the Roadmap will cover more than 32, 000 millions of people. As noted by the Mayor, the provision with productive employment and legalization of the economy with a population of more than two million comes to the fore.