Media-2020 Conference united world mass media experts

12 July, 2018, 14:12 396
Media-2020 Conference united world mass media experts

Hot points in sphere of mass media are discussed by the participants.

Astana Media 2020 Conferences within the framework of the Asian Media Dialogue Forum gathered leading experts of the world in the field of television and radio broadcasting, correspondent reports.

Director General of Radio Romania Georgy Severin, who participated in the conference, said that the Media 2020 plays a very relevant role in the context of broadcasting. It should be noted Radio Romania is one of the oldest radio companies in Europe.

“Media-2020 project initiated by Asian Pacific Broadcasting Union. One of the numerous advantages of the Conference enhancement of the potential for adaptation for future including both political and economic issues,” Georgy Severin announced.

In turn, Vice Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan Nurgul Mauberlinova noted the importance of this conference in the light of global solutions to world media problems.

“Aspiration for cooperation, joint solutions of problems in the field of media unites people. In this regard, Asia media dialogue fulfills its task due to which we have a unique opportunity to consider hot points in the field of media. It is symbolically representatives of different cultures and civilizations of East and West jointly find key challenges of the modern life in Astana the capital of Eurasia. Today, we have to rethink the role of Central Asia in the context of the information flows of the countries of the developing world. Second, it is important to find a balance in the use of new opportunities created with new technologies. Fake news is the key issue of our discussion,” the vice minister stated.

Note, the Media Dialogue of Asia is one of the major sectoral international projects of 2018, which brought together a series of events through the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union.

This event is held for the first time not only in Kazakhstan but also in Central Asia.

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