Media-2020 lifted veil on the fight with fake news

12 July, 2018, 17:09 269
Media-2020 lifted veil on the fight with fake news

Experts noted a key role of the traditional media despite modern technological tendencies.

Media-2020 International Conference’s panel session considered the role of the traditional media at struggle with fake with fake news, correspondent reports.

Chairman of Board of Khabar Agency JSC Alan Azhibayev noted Kazakhstan’s audience have trust in traditional mass media.

“Traditional media are important as they contain hype and fake news. It is referred about some confidence to the traditional media because journalists look through various information resources. The role of television, website and radio station is significant,” Alan Azhibayev believes.

In turn, Director of International Relations and Cooperation of France Medias Monde John Maguire shared how France counter with untruthful information.

“In order to counter with fake news True or false fifteen-minute program broadcasts daily on French television channels. The program goals identification of a difference between fake news and the real ones. French government involved in bringing up children starting from the elementary school. As the education in the sphere of media is essential children have an opportunity to get see media’s insides and outs firsthand,” John Maguire explained.

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