MFA checks information on road accident in Russia with Kazakhstan bus

06 October, 2017, 10:42 207

At the moment all circumstances of incident of road accident with the Kazakhstan bus in the Vladimir region of Russia become clear. The press secretary of Kazakhstan MFA Anuar Zhaynakov reported.

"Now the Kazakhstan diplomats in Russia find out nationality and the identity of dead and injured," Anuar Zhaynakov wrote on the Facebook official page.

According, in the Vladimir region of Russia tonight, the passenger bus with the Kazakhstan numbers the bus crossed moving near the Pokrov station, and has died on the ways.

The person on duty has immediately included the protecting signal notifying locomotive crews of the trains approaching moving on a barrier on the way.

"The driver of the passenger train which at this moment followed on the site has applied emergency brake application, has given light and sound signals. Emergency brake application has allowed to reduce speed to minimum possible, but the distance to a full stop of structure was insufficient," is published on the website the Moscow Railway.

According to the latest data, as a result of incident, 15 citizens of Uzbekistan have died, the authorities of the Vladimir region said, RIA Novosti reported.