MFA screens data on Kazakhstanis detained in US

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26 July, 2018, 09:01 233
MFA screens data on Kazakhstanis detained in US

Three residents of Kazakhstan and 22 more people are charged with grand fraud of car sale.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan commented data on detained Kazakhstani people in the US on suspicion of participation in a criminal organization which is charged with grand fraud on cars’ sale, correspondent reported.

The staff of Kazakhstan’s Consulate General in New York screen this information.

Earlier, the Russian media informed with a reference to the US Ministry of Justice, three Kazakh people and 22 more people are charged in the US in grand fraud on cars sale.

According to the Americal police service data, the criminal organization consisted of 7 citizens of Russia, 5 citizens of Georgia, four people from Azerbaijan, three men from Kazakhstan, two more people from Latvia and two Ukrainian men. Besides the organization included US and Turkey citizens. In this respect, 11 people were detained in New York on Tuesday and few people in Florida and Michigan.

Eight more people including six Russian men are on the wanted list. The indictment suggests that the defendants placed false advertisements about the sale of cars, after which they received a deposit from the victims and hid. To this end, they created a number of shell companies. The damage to consumers was about 4.5 million dollars. Each of the persons involved in the case is conspired to commit fraud - this could threaten up to 30 years in prison.