Minhwa Korean painting exhibition kicked off in Astana

14 June, 2018, 10:29 765
Minhwa Korean painting exhibition kicked off in Astana

Citizens and guests of the capital could see exhibits till August 12,2018.

Minhwa Korean modern people’s painting exhibition has started in the Museum of Library of the First President of Kazakhstan -Yelbasy. Moreover, the authors of the presented exhibits gave a master class to visitors, BNews.kz correspondent informed.

The organizers of the event are the Presidential Library together with Korean Cultural Center under the S Korean Embassy in Kazakhstan under the association of Minhwa Museum Korean Folk Painting in frames of the international exhibition project of the Library: Dialog through culture.

First deputy director of the Presidential Library Amerkhan Rakhimzhanov told that the organization of the exhibition provides the visitors for deep historical lines of the Korean culture, among them are traditions, moral ways, esthetic philosophy of the Korean nation.

Minhwa Museum of Korean Folk Painting, which is the center of preservation and popularization of this direction of artistic creativity of modern Korea, took an active part in the selection of materials of the exposition.

The exhibition features works by three artists - recognized masters of Minhwa whose works were exhibited in the USA, France, Japan, India, Mongolia, and Korea. Each author presented the works in separate thematic groups: "Feast", "Echo" and "Time of Nature", executed in three directions of the Minhwa painting: Minhwa painting’s revival, Minhwa interpretation painting, Minhwa in applied art.

Totally, 57 works, including paintings, sculptural compositions, and household items - dishes and furniture presented at the exhibition.

Photos made by Aigul Mergenbayeva 

Minhwa refers to Korean folk art produced mostly by itinerant or unknown artists without formal training, emulating contemporary trends in fine art for the purpose of everyday use or decoration.

Literally "painting of the people" or "popular painting". This type of painting was often the work of anonymous craftsmen who faithfully adhered to the styles, canons, and genres inherited from the past. Minhwa also involved a magical dimension. They were believed to possess beneficial virtues and to protect the owner and his family from evil forces. They feature popular themes such as cranes, rocks, water, clouds, the sun, moon, pine-trees, tortoises, insects, and flowers.

The paintings worked on a number of levels. They show figures from folk mythology and legends, symbols of happiness, wealth and health, and scenes of everyday life. The most common figures were animals that represented power, such as the tiger, or providential circumstances, such as carp, which represent success. The paintings were done on paper and on canvas.