Minister of Labor and Social Protection promises Kazakhstan unemployed citizens over 600, 000 workplaces

10 April, 2017, 16:31 438
Minister of Labor and Social Protection promises Kazakhstan unemployed citizens over 600, 000 workplaces

Tamara Duissenova, the Minister of Labor and Social Protection of population  during the Government meeting said that In the country before the end of this year over 634,000 workplaces will be created, which are reserves for the unemployed and the self-employed, correspondent reports.

"New programs of productive employment have 3 directions. Under the first, together with the mayors we identified the number of workplaces in the regions. On the basis of the clarification of the list of all projects implemented within the framework of public sector programs and regional development programs, analyses of the dynamics of the statistical business register and also vital dynamics of citizens, 346,000 new workplaces and an additional 288,000 positions due to laid off workers because of the retirement age and childcare leave", Tamara Duissenova said.

 Thus, in the country before the end of this year over there will be 634,000 workplaces, which are reserves for the unemployed and the self-employed.

"At present, this work started and with the mayors of all regions, also we signed a memorandum to achieve these targets", the Minister said.

Secondly, occupations have been identified for these classes of jobs for the organization of mass education. Currently, the regions complete the lists of the schoolchildren that fail in the UNT. The list of over 366 of educational organizations are approved and  places on them in terms of trained professions are distributed. Training is scheduled to start from September of the current year.

Since April the short-term training courses on the basis of colleges and training centers has been begun.

"Taking into account the proposals of regions we have developed with the Ministry of education eight training special projects on the most demanded professions on the labour market. They will also be used as common standards of short-term training centers in engaging employers and entrepreneurs themselves. Widespread implementation of these projects will significantly increase the number of citizens covered by short-term training. Today in the regions 91 projects which will cover more than 16 thousand people have been implementing", the Minister said.

In the current year in pilot mode, the using mobile training centers will be tested . In Akmola region for today three training mobile centers has already been bought.  In Aktobe region mobile training centers are established on the basis of three colleges with maintenance practices and the possibility of constructive elements and equipment transportation to a place of learning. 

Under the implementation of the second program of productive employment, that is, entrepreneurship development, the analysis of documents required by financial institutions to loan were conducted. Based on the results of the work of the Ministry of agriculture the number of documents for individuals reduced from 30 to 14, while legal persons-up to 9 documents.

The active work has been started on the third program. Today, it covers about 48,000 people, of which 12500 are aimed at social jobs, 7,000  specialists are on youth practice and more than 28,000 are for public works.

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