Missing sgraffito discovered in Almaty cinema

18 July, 2018, 12:55 387
Missing sgraffito discovered in Almaty cinema

Sgraffito will be preserved and become a part of Contemporary Culture Centre.

The work of the Soviet artist-graphic artist Yevgeny Sidorkin was found under a layer of plasterboard during a repair in a cinema in Almaty,” the group Center for Contemporary Culture "Tselinniy" reports on Facebook.

"During the preparation of Tselinniy for our first event, we managed to find the real treasure under a layer of gypsum plasterboard, this is sgraffito by Yevgeny Sidorkin, a Soviet graphic artist and honored art worker of the Kazakh SSR, who performed a large composition of multilayer sgraffito for the lobby of Tselinny in the early 1960s," representatives of the cinema explained.

Initially, it was assumed that it was destroyed during the repair in 2000, in this connection, the copy was reproduced on the southern facade of the building.