More Kazakhstan tourists to travel to Azerbaijan for Nauryz holiday

06 February, 2017, 11:54 430
More Kazakhstan tourists to travel to Azerbaijan for Nauryz holiday

The Head of public committee under Azerbaijan Republic State Migration committee Azer Allahveranov said that every year Azerbaijan becomes more attractive for travel trip, reports.

As he said, it is caused, first, by natural and geographical, historical and cultural and mental factors, and secondly, that state policy which is intended to realize main provisions on strategy implementation of tourism`s development in Azerbaijan.

"As a result, the same factors effect increasing of tourists, as from the countries of near and far abroad. In this regard especially Kazakhstan is that country with which Azerbaijan has a close migratory exchange that affects, first of all, quantitative indices. Both the governments of two countries, first of all, Azerbaijan diaspora in Kazakhstan made up of 90,000 our compatriots have big role,” Azerbaijan expert said.

If to remember that Azerbaijan-Kazakhstan relations in the political, economic, social and cultural spheres were intensified in recent years, and then it will be suggested as the increase in migration flows, and also the number of tourists in both sides,” Azer Allahveranov said.

"One could easily say that our compatriots tend to arrive in Azerbaijan from Kazakhstan,” he added.

The expert said that activation of Kazakhstan travel companies will directly effect on changing of this tendency and, in particular, an ethnic composition of tourists.

“In this regard the development and approbation of the tourist route connecting Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan is urgent,” the analyst emphasized.

Concerning the tourists` increase in Nauryz holiday in two countries, Allahveranov noted that during this period people are interested in visiting Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.

"But it depends on more detailed strategy for development of travel business between the countries. And this strategy shall consider also that this several countries celebrate this spring,” the expert said.

According to him, despite the common holiday essence, nevertheless it differs on the content. And therefore, it is important to differentiate and present  the distinctive features which can become attractive for tourists who will want to see how Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan celebrates Nauryz.

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