Most famous gold bars among Kazakhstan resident

16 February, 2018, 16:24 360
Most famous gold bars among Kazakhstan resident

In 2017, customers of Halyk Bank bought over 46 kg of refined gold.

The most popular among the Bank's clients were ten-gram mini-bars: 613 of them were sold. In the second place - bars weighing 100 grams: overall 277 of these bars were bought. Nominals weighing 20 and 50 grams were sold in an amount of 213 and 163 pieces, the press service of Halyk Bank reports.

Following the implementation of the state program for the sale of measured mini-bars of refined gold to the public, customers of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan from June 1 to December 31, 2017 bought 46.2 kg of refined gold, which in monetary terms is more than 600 million tenge.

"We are glad that our customers have assessed a new opportunity to create a personal ‘gold reserve.’ Since ancient times, gold has been considered one of the most reliable ways of saving capital. Today, this noble metal has not lost its investment value, acting as a convenient tool for diversifying the personal portfolio assets and allowing to reduce the overall risks. Many customers also buy ingots as a valuable gift," says Yertai Salimov, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan.

We note that Halyk Bank became the first participating bank of the National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the implementation of measured mini-bars of refined gold among the population. According to the Bank, the demand from the population for measured gold bars continues to grow. For the period from January 1 to February 8, 2018, the Bank's customers have already purchased 4.5 kg of refined gold. At the same time, the structure of demand for various denominations of bars is maintained at the level of the previous year: 66 bars with a nominal value of 10 grams were sold; 20 grams - 14 pieces; 50 grams - 7 pieces; 100 grams - 32 pieces.

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