Most lucrative professions in Kazakhstan went public

23 July, 2018, 16:25 305
Most lucrative professions in Kazakhstan went public

 The list includes oil and gas engineering, transport industry and technologies and mining art.

Vice minister of education and science of Kazakhstan Talgat Yeshenkulov speaking during the press conference at the Central Communications Service on July 23, 2018, voiced out the ranking of the most lucrative professions and educational program at the Kazakhstani universities, correspondent reports.

While research we analyzed a lot of information. As for oil and gas engineering. It is one of the top-paying works and respectively the employment rate is very high as well. At the same time, there are such specialties, for example, "journalism", the job placement in this specialty turned out to be the lowest - 63%. Thanks to the compiled rating, the entrant will have the right to choose which specialty is highly paid and so on, " Talgat Yeshenkulov noted.

According to the Vice Minister of Education and Science of Kazakhstan among the graduates of higher educational institutions wages were recorded that exceeded 900 thousand tenge. These wages were recorded in the oil and gas engineering

There are three top-paying specialties: oil and gas engineering - 202 thousand tenge,  transport industry and technologies- 174 thousand tenge,  mining art - 174 thousand tenge. The list may include specialty automation and management - 159 thousand tenge. These specialties have the opportunity to earn even more,"  he added.