Most popular cars of Kazakhstan

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25 July, 2018, 15:12 199
Most popular cars of Kazakhstan

Every second buyer of a new car in the Republic of Kazakhstan chooses the products of domestic car factories.

Chairman of Board of the union of enterprises of the automobile industry of Kazakhstan KazAvtoProm Oleg Alferov told about most popular automobiles in Kazakhstan.

Five of the most popular brands are still headed by the brand "Lada", in the second position - "Hyundai" takes the second position, "Kia" closes the top three most popular brands, brands "JAC" and "Ravon" are also among the top five. The rating of the most popular models of local production was headed by "Lada Granta", "Lada 4 * 4" off-road and "Lada Vesta" light vehicle Alferov informed.

According to him, every second buyer of a new car in the Republic of Kazakhstan supports the domestic car manufacturers.

"Demand for offers of Kazakhstan’s car factories in the second quarter of this year has updated the historical maximum - Kazavtoprom's market share reached 48%," Alferov summed up.

Moreover, during the first 6 months of this year more than 2,269 cars were purchased by Kazakhstan’s citizens in the framework of the program of preferential car loans - at the beginning of the year, the DBK program's program was allocated a new third tranche of financing this program.

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