Nastassja Kinski inspired by Almaty

17 September, 2018, 09:57 937
Nastassja Kinski inspired  by Almaty

In her words the Kazakhstan’s metropolis impressed the actress.

Speaking during a press conference in Almaty, German actress Nastassja Kinski told what had impressed her in Almaty, has learned from

While the press conference before the opening of the festival the actress told about One of Almaty features that wondered Nastassja Kinski.

It should be noted the German actress who arrived there to take part in jury session at Almaty Film Festival.

"It is a very big city, I already know, this morning it was told that there are about 120 ethnic groups here, and that inspires me, and that's great news for me, I did not know about it," she said.

It is an interesting fact, Paris Texas with Kinski directed by Wim Wenders will be aired in the Special event section of the festival.

Then the organizers arrange for the actress a session of questions and answers with the audience.

Nastasya Kinski is a German actress, polyglot and former model who has appeared in more than 60 films in Europe and the United States, laureate of the Golden Globe Award in 1981, twice winner of the Deutscher Filmpreis award (1975, 1983), she is known for starring in the film Tess (1979) and roles in the films of Wim Wenders.

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