National Bank of database on mineral resources to be launched in Kazakhstan

18 April, 2018, 12:34 431
National Bank of database on mineral resources to be launched in Kazakhstan

It will facilitate the work of the investor in exploring potential sites.

In Kazakhstan, a National Bank of database on mineral resources will be created. It was reported by Deputy Minister for Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan Timur Toktabayev during the IX Central Asian Mining Forum, correspondent reports.

"As you know, the state has adopted the program "Digital Kazakhstan", there is a global trend for digitalization, it concerns the sphere of subsoil use. Our idea to create a national database on subsoil changes, it is added with new opportunities," he said.

As the Deputy Minister informed, such a Bank will immediately receive on the interactive map information on the site's freeness, on its study, with the opportunity to immediately receive information in electronic form, to issue a license for subsoil use, if such a desire has appeared.

"As you see, we have a reference to e-government here. This means that the subsoil user will not need to collect a huge number of documents for filing his application for a license. Those documents that are in the e-government will be automatically implemented into the system, it will be possible to immediately find it in the system, and do not provide the information that the state can take from its other information systems when issuing the documents," he said.

According to Timur Toktabayev, it will facilitate the work of investors on the study of potential sites and the issue of licenses. The work on the Bank of database is planned for several years.  

"Until the end of this year, the system for the remote design of the system without bureaucratic procedures will be launched, without contacting the officials, it will be possible to complete online. In the future, this filling of the geological information database will create conditions for the subsoil user to store his information in a database with limited access for himself and, after a time and exclusivity, this access will be provided to other market participants," said the Deputy Minister.

At the same time, the Deputy Minister specified that 23% of industry and 21% of national exports are concentrated in the mining and metallurgical complex. The sector has 656 small, medium, large companies.

"We approach to the point when, from simple changes in the legislation, we move on to provide real tools for subsoil users to speed up the receipt of rights for subsoil use, design new contracts and, accordingly, a new inflow of investments.

Today, when the tendency of high volatility in the market of raw materials excludes the possibility of quick and easy profit making, the mining sector has focused on priority growth projects taking into account all the conditions. Against this background, we offer comfortable conditions for production - providing a combined package of state support measures for geological exploration, incentives for extraction and production. Our Ministry is ready to provide all this," he said.

It should be noted that the IX mining forum MINEX Central Asia is held in Astana, during which the participants will openly discuss and present various views on the amendments in the regulation of subsoil use in the countries of Central Asia.

The MINEX Central Asia Forum, founded in 2010, is the leading event in the mining industry devoted to the development of mineral resources and the introduction of advanced technologies for geological exploration, mining and processing of solid minerals in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and the Kyrgyz Republic.