National Commission session discussed 'Rukhani zhangyru' programme

26 October, 2018, 15:39 408
National Commission session discussed 'Rukhani zhangyru' programme

The Commission was held under the chairmanship of Asset Issekeshev, the head of the Presidential Administration.

On October 26, the Akorda has held a regular session of the National Commission for implementation of the programme to modernize the public conscience under the President of Kazakhstan chaired by the head of the Administration of the President, Asset Issekeshev. 

The session's working agenda was designed to discuss the results of the implementation of the 'Rukhani zhangyru' programme and to organize the activity of the Office to manage the Programme.  

Opening the session, the Chairman of the National Commission noted the special importance of the 'Rukhani zhnagyru' programme within the implementation of the key directions of the Address of the head of state 'Growing Welfare of Kazakh Citizens: Increase in Income and Quality of Life'.

The head of the President's Administration underlined the importance of the realization give a new content and directions to the 'Rukhani zhangyru' programme 

"In accordance with the instructions of the head of state, new projects 'Aul - el besigi' (A village is the nation's cradle) and 'Oz zherindi tanyp bil' (Learn more about your Homeland) will be launched giving an additional impetus to develop the Programme," said Issekeshev. 

At the Commission's session also heard speeches of other speakers. 

As well as Governors of Zhambyl and West Kazakhstan region were heard via a video conference. 

Following the discussions, the Chairman of the National Commission instructed to the government to develop a plan to implement the 'Rukhani zhangyru' programme for 201819, and to the Ministry of Agriculture - to launch the new special project 'Aul - el besegi'. 

The heads of the regions were given instructions to implement the Programme on the spot with an emphasis on the achievement of concrete goals and results in each priority direction.  

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