National Geographic Qazaqstan's expedition to discover historical sites of North Kazakhstan

02 August, 2018, 12:15 484
National Geographic Qazaqstan's expedition to discover historical sites of North Kazakhstan

Well-known photographers will study lakes, Dva brata hills, Uvarova tract, Botay settlement and the farmstead of Shoqan Walikhanov's grandmother and will create the first official photobank in Kazakhstan. 

In North Kazakhstan region, an expedition of National Geographic Qazaqstan magazine with the participation of well-known Italian photographer Alberto di Mauro begins its work, correspondent reports. 

photo: Nadezhda Naumova 

This year the magazine marks its 130th anniversary. The expedition was invited on the initiative of Governor of the region Kumar Aksakalov to familiarize the entire world, including Kazakhstan citizens, with attractions of the further north region of the country. 

"In January 13 1888 the capital city of the USA Washington for the first time gathered a scientific geographic society, the brilliant representatives of scientific circles of America. They decided to develop and promote science by the means of expeditions, scientific and geographical discoveries, articles. The uniquness of teh project is that none of the materials published in the magazine does not include any reprints or the information from other sources. All our shots and photos are the results of expeditions or one's own research that are ordered for large amounts of money," said Sayasat Nurbek, an independent expert of National Geographic Qazaqstan. 

Following him, the magazine is not just the media, it employes a great number of people, among them, photographers, travelers, researchers and scientists who each day discover unknown parts of the planet and areas of learning. And the magazine is like a huge knowledge base.  

"Our days a real fight for a tourist begins. Competition gets serious marketing campaigns. Following the past decade, an increasing number of countries joint the race. It is certain, that champions in tourism are Turkey, the Philippines, France, and the list is added with new ones each year. The race has the only simple rule - despite the beauty of the country with its unique arcitecture, nature, it is still unknown unless all people, the whole world know it. Therefore, our primary task is to tell about such an unknown part of the planet as North Kazakhstan region with the use of all technical capacities of National Geographic Qazaqstan," says Sayasat Nurbek. 

Credit: the author 

Italian painter Alberto di Mauro tells that he has been in many countries. North Kazakhstan region impressed him with its green landscapes that remind Switzerland, as well as the humanism of the local people. 

"I am very glad that I have a unique opportunity to dicover Kazakhstan by this reagion. Italians are not well-awared about Kazakhstan, they know Astana and about EXPO-2017, but Astana is just some part of Kazakhstan. For myself I will get a totally new experience. I was shocked by local people's calm, amiability and kindness," says Alberto di Mauro. 

He says that for him the trade mark of Kazakhstan could be a combination of ancient traditions that were passed by the older generations and determination of the people towards the future. According to the members of the expedition, to implement the project they will first have a discussion with local historians. Mostly they are interested in the richness of nature and people with such specialities as blacksmith and shepherd.   

"We are not interested in other specialists, we will look for local people and their information. We cover the reality as it actually is," say the organizers. 

Over these two weeks, the members of the expedition will cross 1.5 thousand kilometers and will visit more than 20 historical places of the region. Well-known photographers will study almost the whole Aiyrtau district - local lakes, Dva brata hills, Uvarova tract, Botay settlement and the farmstead of Shoqan Walikhanov's grandmother. They will also visit local protection areas and parks, the embarkment of Pestroye Lake and the Botanic Garden. The well recognized for Kazakhstanis Arbat in Petropavl will also be covered. 

The main result of the expedition will be the first official photobank in Kazakhstan, that will be used to take photos to decorate booklets, websites and cards on free-of-charge basis. In addition, the organizers plan to hold a reporting exhibition of thier works. Also, North Kazakhstan region will be presented as it is in the magazine. The most intresting materials about the north part of Kazakhstan will be published in the headquarters of the world-known magazine National Geographic that will be distributed around the world.  

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