Nazarbayev calls upon all countries to join disarmarment process

22 November, 2018, 10:33 491
Nazarbayev calls upon all countries to join disarmarment process

The nuclear powers must be responsible for and committed to the rules and ideas of weapons non-proliferation. 


The USA, Russia, China, and the EU leaders must negotiate nuclear disarmament at the expert level, the Kazakh head of state told at an official meeting with the diplomatic corps in Akorda, correspondent reports.  

While addressing, Nursultan Nazarbayev noted today's world was concerned by a new cycle of tensions in the global policy. The disparity between today's world and the Cold War era is that today's world is multipolar, underlining that new rules remain undefined causing unpredictable risks and crises. 

"In the new conditions, we witness an unprecedented destruction of global competitiveness that increases a conflict potential throughout the world," said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

The President noted that he already spoke of the current international situation in the ASEM Forum in Brussels and during the recent Astana Club meetings. 

In this connection, the head of state paid attention of the diplomatic corps to confrontation nature of relations between the key powers and the necessity to gather them. 

"Confrontation nature of relations between the key powers gradually disables the tools for reducing tensions created in the 20th century. A final rejection of the participating parties of the medium- and short-range parity treaty poses a threat to an uncontrolled arms race and the termination of actions and other key documents. Primarily it is about the Treaty of Strategic Offensive Arms. Such a recourse can occur in an instant despite the years of hard work put in by many diplomats, responsible people. The main points is that such treaties are irreplaceable," said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

In this connection, according to the head of state, the nuclear powers must be responsible for and committed to the rules and ideas of non-proliferation of weapons. 

"The nuclear powers, major powers, including the USA and Russia, had always demonstrated their concern for humanity. Possessing the greatest power and capabilities, they dealt with peace issues. I think that today mankind may remain is a distressed state, without a vision for the future. Therefore, I suggested that it would be better if such countries as the USA, Russia, China, and the EU leadership, understanding their responsibility for the entire planet, negotiate at the expert level, and at the high level in the future," said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

The President underlined that Kazakhstan is ready to organize a platform for such negotiations. 

"There is no alternative. The resumption of dialogue and confidence will create a solid guarantee in the time of increasing risks of various incidents that can lead to a large-scale nuclear crisis," said the head of state.

The President noted that over many years the international community has faced the issue of strengthening the non-proliferation regime, it is like a cornerstone for the entire humanity. 

"Kazakhstan has the moral authority as the state decently contributing to a global solution to nuclear weapons," said Nazarbayev. 

Consensus between the key nuclear powers will facilitate the preservation of the joint comprehensive plan of action for the Iranian nuclear programme, and a peaceful de-nuclearization process in North Korea. 

"I believe that Parliaments of all states, ordinary citizens of our states must actively join the global strengthening process of the non-proliferation and disarmament regime. One of the key objectives of our society should be the formation of a global anti-nuclear movement advocating peace and tranquility on earth," said the head of state. 

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