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Nazarbayev: I worked, work and will work

05 March, 2018, 13:15 281
Nazarbayev: I worked, work and will work

The Kazakh President notes that he is grateful to the people of the country that supported him during crucial moments.

Astana holds a joint meeting of the Chambers of the Parliament with the participation of President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev, correspondent reports.

“March is a special month in the calendar of our independences. In March, we celebrate Thanksgiving Day (Day of Gratitude – the editor’s remark). It is symbolic that the APK was established at the same day. In March, the people celebrates the spring holiday of Nauryz. Also, in March we congratulate our women on the International Women’s Day. All these events consolidate the people due to the unity of Kazakhstan people. As a result of the adjusted politics of the state, we could manage to pass all challenges over the years of independence. The monuments of gratitude to the Kazakh people are opened in the following regions of Kazakhstan, they are: Almaty, West Kazakhstan, South Kazakhstan, Zhambyl. All of these monuments were built on a voluntarily basis by various ethnic groups of Kazakhstan with the aim to thank the land and people for the support in difficult times,” Nazarbayev said.

“As for me, these words are difficult. I saw it be myself, and our family also received those people who were brought in goods wagons, they were left in the steppe. It believe that the older generation remembers it and wants the yonger generation to remember it. Such kind of gratitude causes reciprocal gratitude. Mutual respect and trust strength the unity of the people. It is an important moral beginning that proves the breadth of soul of all Kazakhstan citizens. I am sure that gratitude sublimates everyone. We together had passed very difficult times. I am gratitude to our people that always supported me in crucial moments over our independence. I worked, work and will work to make the Kazakhstan people to be confident of the future,” the head of state said.

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