Nazarbayev instructs Government to create single register of NGOs

28 November, 2018, 15:08 432
Nazarbayev instructs Government to create single register of NGOs

This measure will enable to register NGOs and to firm their rankings to provide access of NGOs to financing. 


The head of state instructed to create a single register of NGOs in Kazakhstan, he announced at the regular Civil Forum in Astana, correspondent reports. 

"Now it is necessary to fully engage the non-governmental sector in all key directions of social policy. In this connection, I would like to outline the necessary measures. Firstly, it is necessary to make the procedures of financing of NGOs' projects transparent and clear. We have already discussed it. So to decrease corruption. To this end, as part of the digitalization process, we are undertaking, I instruct to create a single electronic verification register of NGOs to provide them with access to financing. They should compete in what organization is better in mastering, or explained well to people," said Nursultan Nazarbayev. 

In addition, the head of state noted the necessity to form an effective mechanism of civil control. 

"In order to make the voice of NGOs heard, they should be consolidated, and the Civil Alliance of Kazakhstan should play a leading role in it," said Nazarbayev. 

The President noted that it is necessary to continue working on transferring state functions to the non-governmental sector. 

"At first glance, it seems unlikely. The state is responsible for its actions, but what about NGOs? In this area, projects in environment, children's rights protection and in other spheres can be implemented. The speeches of the Forum's participants demonstrate the readiness of NGOs for such cooperation. I propose the Government to think about it, as well as thoroughly study the announced proposals and to start implementing them," said the head of state. 

As of today, the number of NGOs in Kazakhstan exceeds 22 thousand. In addition, financing of the public and private order exceeding KZT 20 billion has increased by 65 times. As a result, NGOs' activities cover almost all vital spheres of the society of Kazakhstan. 

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