Nazarbayev names the most acute issues of concern to Kazakh citizens

07 November, 2018, 16:49 875
Nazarbayev names the most acute issues of concern to Kazakh citizens

The President noted that they are the high rate for utilities, expensive medical and educational services. 


Nursultan Nazarbayev named the most acute issues, following the social study, that concern Kazakh citizens during a meeting of the Security Council in the Akorda, correspondent reports. 

"The social study revealed that out of the six issues that we outlined the first place is occupied by high rates for utilities. Secondly, expensive medical services and education. Thirdly, the low quality of education. These three should be further studied," said the head of state during the Security Council's meeting. 

The Kazakh President said that following the inspection by the General Prosecutor's Office it was revealed that the energy transmission companies caused the damage of 14 billion tenges to the population, and the illicit revenue of utilities has reached 15 billion tenge. The President underlined that the General Prosecutor's Office conducted the investigation on his instruction.  

It was revealed that the programme 'Tariffs in return for investment' taken so monopolists could update production by considerably increasing tariffs was not conducted properly. 

"Instead of investing and updating capacities, the large energy companies illegally enriched by consumers by including awards. bonuses to their employees, fee rates on loans to the cost of services, and overcharged production costs," said the President. 

At the same time, the head of state noted that costs of services of housing and utilities, including heating, electricity costs, take the large share of total costs of the population. 

"If the tariff is high, then the burden on the family budget is high too. Am I right? We all use and know. Ald if tariffs are increased in price without real economic calculations, the costs of each family rise too," said Nazarbayev, underlining that this goes against the points of the Address that aims at increasing the well-being, social state of the population.  

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