Nazarbayev: Roads built today to be used by next generations

17 July, 2018, 18:04 230
Nazarbayev: Roads built today to be used by next generations

During the working visit to the Pavlodar region, the Head of State noted that the region has a high potential for cross-border cooperation.

According to the President, this is facilitated by the transport and logistics complex, correspondent reports.

“As you know the transport industry is some kind of life. Those roads that I built, will be used by our great-grandchildren, and they will remember. With great pleasure, we go on German roads, and they have been built by Konrad Adenauer (German statesman who served as the first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany (West Germany) from 1949 to 1963) built after the war. That is, the infrastructure is very necessary for everything,” the President stated.

In addition, the head of state informed Pavlodar region has vast potential to develop tourism sphere.

The pearl of the Irkutsk region Bayanauyl National Park, lakes and forests, Zhasibai Lake, Sabyndykol, Myoyldy sanatorium located in the region. All Kazakhstan knows about the medicinal qualities of Lake Moyildy. I have recently looked up development of touristic cluster in Kazakhstan. The state has to provide for assessing these points: roads, electricity and etc. in their turn businessmen should make every effort to develop the tourism industry,” President announced.

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