Nazarbayev suggested to speed up work on the free trade zone of the CIS countries

12 October, 2017, 12:33 341
Nazarbayev suggested to speed up work on the free trade zone of the CIS countries

The president of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev during the meeting of heads of states of the CIS in Sochi suggested to speed up work on free trade in services by means of introduction of concrete instructions and decisions and also to develop the new plan of the commonwealth adapted to modern requirements.

"Last year we have celebrated the 25 anniversary of the CIS that has given to us a reason for reflection on carrying out the analysis of results of the commonwealth. Thanks to the CIS our trade and economic relations gradually move ahead, at the same time the main element is the contract on the free trade zone. I agree with it. I believe necessary not to be satisfied with what has already been achieved, to continue the begun work on modernization of improvement of our organization, to adapt it to requirements of today's time," the head of Kazakhstan said.

In this regard Nursultan Nazarbayev has paid attention to the main strategic document of development of the commonwealth - "The concept of further development of the CIS and the plan of the main actions for her realization", accepted in 2007. According to the President of Kazakhstan, this document covers a wide range of activity of the CIS, including economic, political, humanitarian interactions and also cooperation in the sphere of safety, correspondent reported.

"On these three dimensions the commonwealth needs to work specifically therefore I suggest to carry out audit of the existing concept, to adapt her situation to requirements of time and to develop the new plan that we have to do and as we have to work," Nazarbayev told.

At the same time the head of state emphasized that in world economy the increased volatility still remains, and in this regard the CIS countries have to pay special attention to mutual deepening of trade and economic relations, look for new resources of growth of economies of all countries, one of the most dynamically developing segments of world economy is the market of services. 

"Free trade in services in the territory of the CIS will allow to open new opportunities for our businessmen, will bring trade and economic cooperation to new level. I suggest to charge to Council of Heads of Government, to executive committee to speed up work on the draft agreement on free trade in services and to accept it in the nearest future with concrete instructions and decisions," the President added.

Nazarbayev is sure that in 2018 the Tajik side will make the significant contribution to further development of the organization, having emphasized that 2017 under the chairmanship of the Russian Federation went successfully.

We will remind that the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev has arrived in Sochi for participation in the regular meeting of Council of heads of states of the CIS. During the summit ways of further deepening of mutually advantageous partnership within the Commonwealth and his adaptation to modern realities will be planned. It is known that in 2015 at the Summit of the CIS in the settlement of Burabay the President of Kazakhstan has announced a number of the initiatives directed to transformation of the CIS. Already at the next meeting of heads of states of the CIS which has taken place in Bishkek on September 13, 2016 the decision on adaptation of the Commonwealth to modern realities which basis was formed by initiatives of the head of state has been made. In this regard at the Summit in Sochi it is planned to sign a number of the decisions directed to differentiation of powers between the supreme bodies of the CIS. With adoption of these documents Council of Heads of States by delegation of appropriate authority to councils of heads of governments, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Ministers of Defence ordering border troops and Economic council will be able to concentrate on the main questions of the strategy of development for the Commonwealth.

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