Nearly 1,5 thousand websites in Kazakhstan distributed illegal or harmful content

28 August, 2017, 17:22 239
Nearly 1,5 thousand websites in Kazakhstan distributed illegal or harmful content

In the current year nearly 1,5 thousand websites distributed illegal or harmful content in Kazakhstan. The minister of religious and civil society affairs of Kazakhstan Nurlan Ermekbayev has reported about it during the press conference in the Government concerning prevention of religious extremism and radicalism within realization of the fifth priority of the Address of the Head of state "The third modernization of Kazakhstan: global competitiveness", correspondent reported.

"In 2017 specialists of the ministry have studied about 3 thousand websites, from them nearly 1,5 thousand extended illegal or harmful content. Since August 1 of the current year together with the Prosecutor General's Office, the ministry of information and communications the project Kibernadzor is carried out. In its framework the special website is created," the minister of religious and civil society affairs Nurlan Ermekbayev told. 

As the minister has noted, the staff of state agencies has now an opportunity to reveal the websites with doubtful or harmful content and to post them in the special section 

"The staff of our ministry carries out expertize without excessive paperwork in rather short terms. Except monitoring of the website, expertize of book and printed materials is carried out," the minister told.

According to Nurlan Ermekbayev, in 2017 the special book and printing examination was passed by more than 1,5 thousand objects. Among them there are also library stocks in a penal correction system. So, 13 books with destructive detention in prison in the current year are established. 

Also it is noted that the Ministry of religious and civil society affairs together with MES conducts work on edition of the new textbook which has the working name "Society and Religion". According to the speaker, it will be included in the school program. 

"In the textbook content on scientific giving of knowledge, world religions and secular foundations of the states is strengthened. The issue of discovery of specialty religious studies in one of the western areas and also in Jambyl, Kyzylorda and EKR is handled. It will allow to train secular experts in religions where there are risks of distribution of destructive currents," Nurlan Ermekbayev told.

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