New smart district to appear in Astana

13 June, 2018, 18:03 268
New smart district to appear in Astana

Zhastar district of Astana city will turn to be smart.

"Zhastar" district located in the square of the streets Barayev, Kravtsov, Tashenov, and Hussein will become an innovative island. There, according to the assurances of the city authorities, will be warm roads and sidewalks, benches with solar batteries, and streets will be covered with high-speed Internet, reports.

Smart district project was presented to the residents of Baikonur district which has appeared recently. A special place in the project was given to the water disposal system, which will be installed first. It will replace the storm sewers, say the developers.

In addition to the declared warm sidewalks, warming of roads and smart pedestrians, and separate garbage storage, water billboards will be in the innovative area. Besides, means to recognize the face of the owner of the house will be installed in the intercoms. Here there will be smart shops with solar batteries and bio-toilets, and Serghek cameras will be installed literally in all yards and entrances.

The project includes 52 houses, 11 thousands of district’s residents, 3500 apartments. The project is implemented in three phases. About 30 innovative projects in the field of landscaping, transport, infrastructure, ecology, security, and entrepreneurship were presented to the residents.

Sponsors for implementing the projects have already found. Maintenance of the new district will cost  220 million tenge per year.