Number of HIV-infected in Kazakhstan increases annually by 10%

19 February, 2018, 14:54 336
Number of HIV-infected in Kazakhstan increases annually by 10%

According to information of the Ministry of Healthcare, over 2017 about 3 million HIV tests were held.

The last year, more than 2800 new cases of infection were detected among those who passed HIV tests. It was said by Vice Minister o Healthcare of Kazakhstan Lyazat Aktayeva at a technical seminar on HIV and migration, correspondent reports.

According to the Vice Minister of Healthcare, Kazakhstan is among the countries with the low level of HIV prevalence.

“At the same time, it is annually noted, that the number of new cases of HIV increases by 10% annually, there are migrants among them. More than 3 million HIV tests were conducted during the last year among certain groups of people, who are under the voluntarily and compulsory tests. In general, 14% of the population was covered in the last year to investigate and detect more than 2800 new HIV cases,” Lyazat aktaeva said.

According to the Vice Minister, the last year more than 60 thousand foreigners were examined in Kazakhstan 0.2% cases of infection were detected.

“If we look at the socially vulnerable groups among foreigners, then the frequency makes up 9%. In this connection, international experts note that migrants need to be regarded as key groups of population, to whom preventive programs should be accessible as well as HIV diagnosis and treatment services,” she said.

As Aktaeva said, preventive programs in the region are carried out for the population by the expenses of local budgets in the county, as well as 39 friendly clinics and 144 points of delivery of syringes operate.  

“Friendly clinics conduct anonymous consultations. Antiretroviral therapy of HIV-infected by the expenses of the republican budget. International experts say about the necessity of maintain the 90-90-90 principle. That is 90% should know about their HIV statuses. The treatment coverage should be 90%,” Lyazat Aktaeva said.

We note that the international seminar is attended by experts from six countries.


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