Nur Alem expands its limits

27 April, 2018, 11:07 520
Nur Alem expands its limits

The sphere Nur Alem actively implement educational capabilities.

More than 20 thousand pupils and students visited model lessons and lectures in the museum of future energy from December of the previous year.

The sphere of Nur Alem is one of the tourism facilities of the country that corresponds to the international standards, the museum entered the list of world tourism facilities and at the beginning of a new tourist season, a huge inflow of guests is expected.

At the same time, over six months from re-opening in November, Nur Alem gained interest as an educational facility among pupils and students of the capital. From December of the previous year, the EXPO was visited by 17 thousand pupils of the 3rd and 11th forms of the schools of Astana and by 4 thousand students.

“We love to say that the sphere Nur Alem could give us new scientists as Mendeleev in the future. The sphere inspires for inventions and thoughts of the new generation, and we help to develop their potentials,” said employee of JSC “NC Astana EXPO-2017” Yernur Kenzhebekov.

The company developed special projects “Kids Future Energy” and “Students Future Energy”, the main idea of which is to hold model lessons based on the museum of future energy.

“Our main our idea is to make the education process more interesting and multiplicative. The education process in our territory will be within the time frame. The format of such lessons implies the visualization of educational programs in the real environment. Students visit 8 floors of Nur Alem, after they visit “Best Practices Zone”. Children study the best practices, which were applied on renewable sources of energy,” said Yernur Kenzhebekov.

As the worker of the National company says, one visit of the museum equals to several lessons on physics, chemistry and biology, because there is an opportunity to apply theoretic knowledge in practice.

In order to use the new techniques of education by not only students of the capital, the company Astana EXPO-2017 will held demonstrative excursions for teachers of Akmola region these days.

From May, pupils of the region could visit and study at the EXPO as part of the special trilateral memorandum on cooperation between the National company, the Governor’s Office of Akmola region and the regional chamber of entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan “Atameken.”

The document provides for organizing excursion and educational tours. In the future, the similar agreements will be concluded with other regions of the country.

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