NURIS has been awarded funding from British Council 'Creative Spark' Program.

06 November, 2018, 13:25 482
NURIS has been awarded funding from British Council 'Creative Spark' Program.

The programme aims at developing education in the field of creative entrepreneurship. 


Digital Creativity Lab (NURIS), in partnership with Loughborough University (UK), has been awarded funding from the British Council “Creative Spark” Program.

Creative Spark is a program designed to support higher education partnerships between UK universities and international universities in countries including Kazakhstan, which will, in turn, support local economies and creative industries. British Council invited Nazarbayev University and DC Lab in particular, to participate in the competition for their funding.

"The funding will help us develop creative and business skills among NU students and young entrepreneurs, promote reforms in the field of higher education and communicate the value of creative industries,"reads the report. 

About 100 applications were submitted by Central Asian and Wider European countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia and Ukraine), with only 20 reaching the final round and winning a grant of 50,000 British pounds each.

"Together with our partner from the United Kingdom, Loughborough University, we will work in the following areas: development of skills of students and young entrepreneurs in the creative fields of design, video production, animation, illustration, virtual/augmented reality as well as the business sides of the creative process: working with business plans and presentations, protection of intellectual property, negotiating and so on; Support new business initiatives and startups in the creative industries; Exchange knowledge with Loughborough University (UK) Enterprise Network and Design School," the report reads. 

The students are ahead of  a very exciting year, with a lot of interesting events, new ideas, speakers from the UK, meetings and networking.

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