Nursultan Nazarbayev congratulated Kazakhstan citizens on the Nauryz

21 March, 2017, 21:19 1953

In Astana on a bicycle track "Saryarka" the festive action devoted to the holiday Nauryz with participation of the Head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev took place. The President of Kazakhstan personally congratulated Kazakhstan citizens on a holiday, correspondent reported.

"Dear Kazakhstan citizens, from this tribune I congratulate all compatriots on the important and beautiful holiday Nauryz which does not distinguish either a nationality, or religion and is a national holiday of our Homeland. From year to year this great holiday which goes from the millennia, depth of centuries to us is a symbol of trust, friendship, a brotherhood, stability of our country. We this year celebrate the Nauryz with a special spirit. Kazakhstan began serious updates and announced the program of the third modernization - political and economic updating of our country. We made important amendments to the Constitution of the country which improves public administration and does it stabler and looking forward. At the same time, guarantees of our unity and independence, a consent will become stronger - it will allow us to look forward and overcome challenges of modern development of the world surely.

All of us have one purpose that each house, a family and a shanyrak have an abundance and stability that everyone had an opportunity quietly works for the benefit of the Homeland and itself, had an opportunity to raise children and to heartily welcome each new day. It is created only by work, and work is provided with the state. The vernal equinox, special value has on all continents. This day lengthening of day and shortening of night begins, new updating begins, frosts recede, there come the sunlight and heat. And joy is installed in souls of each person. At us it is connected with updating and a harmonious unification of people and the nature among themselves.

This day people pay to each other a visit for the Nauryz-kozhe, embrace, forgive old offenses and wish wellbeing, good luck and amicably the ethnoses inhabiting our country celebrate this holiday without borders everything. The Nauryz reminds us of importance of personal values: mercy and mutual assistance. I congratulate Kazakhstan citizens on this light, our general holiday. I wish good luck, good and spring mood for the whole year!" Nursultan Nazarbayev told. 

In conclusion of the speech the Head of state once again congratulated all on the holiday Nauryz, having wished good luck, good and prosperity.

Also the President of Kazakhstan visited ethnoauyl, close to shopping Center "Han Shatyr" where the exhibition of national products and sports meets were organized.

We will remind, celebration will take place in Astana on 5 squares and in 10 residential arrays.