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One of the picks of Tien Shan to be named after Astana

02 March, 2018, 17:26 214
One of the picks of Tien Shan to be named after Astana

Kazakh Tourism has prepared a project “20 picks” on the eve of the forthcoming anniversary of the capital.

On the eve of the 20th anniversary of Astana, the national company Kazakh Tourism prepared several projects. It was said by Deputy Chairman of the company’s Board Timur Dusengaliyev at a briefing for the Diplomatic Corps in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, correspondent reports.

The implementation of six expeditions around Kazakhstan is planned that will be held around the most interesting regions. “Among them Altai, West Kazakhstan (Mangystau), Central Kazakhstan (the Ulytau region), Dzungarian Alatau and the Silk Road. It is expected that each route will be passed over 12 days. We will attract foreign bloggers, tour operators, in this connection, we hope that you will help us to staff these expeditions with the greatest effect,” Duisengaliyev said on Tuesday.

Also, the company prepared the project called “20 picks”.

“All people know that Kazakhstan has long mountain chains. Among them the Central Tian Shan, Trans-Ili, Dzungarian Alatau, Altai. It includes 20 expeditions, that will finish in the pick in the Central Tian Shan where a new pick will be named as “20 years of Astana”, Deputy Chairman of Kazakh Tourism said.

At the same time, within the celebration of the anniversary of Astana in this year, an event “Koshpendiler alemi” will be held.

“We hope that representatives of all Turkic nations of Eurasia will be participants of the festive. Within the festive, teams from Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey and other countries will be invited that will enable us to demonstrate the culture, customs, cuisine and traditions of Eurasian Nomads. This event will be held in the end of June and the beginning of July. We expect 300 participants from more than 10 countries,” the speaker said.