People obsessed with art engaged in ballet: Bulat Ayukhanov

19 September, 2018, 12:03 946
People obsessed with art engaged in ballet: Bulat Ayukhanov

Well-known artist of the Kazakhstan’s ballet celebrates his 80th birthday.

Jubilee concert devoted to the 80th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s ballet maître Bulat Ayukhanov at Astana Ballet. Minister of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan Arystanbek Mukhamediuly and stars of world ballet scene from Germany Maria Eichwald and Yulia Tsoi, correspondent reports.

During his welcome speech, Arystanbek Mukhamediuly congratulated Bulat Ayukhanov on his jubilee on behalf of the head of state and personally.

"The extraordinary personality, the founder and the permanent leader of the magnificent troupe The Young Ballet of Alma-Ata. Art films with the participation of Bulat Auykhanov always aroused great interest and are now evoking: he is the author of unique art books about ballet, life and work, his writing style is very interesting. Bulat Auykhanov writes, moving deeply so his books always cause great interest in the world. I am very grateful that we today have the opportunity to honour an outstanding personality, our respect of Bulat Auykhanov.  It is gratifying that the room is full with his colleagues,” the Minister of Culture and Sports noted.

In conclusion of his speech, the head of the ministry awarded Bulat Ayukhanov with a medal for special services within the framework of the 20th anniversary of Astana.

Ayukhanov himself, in face of honorary age, continues to work, writes books, being the head of the State Academic Dance Theater of the Republic of Kazakhstan, which celebrated 50 this year.

“…I love you all. Ballet is a drug, it's hard work, blood and sweat. People obsessed with art are engaged in ballet. And for me, ballet is not a drug, I joked, it's balm, "  Bulat Ayukhanov added.

The head of the theatre wished to learn the artists of the modern Kazakh ballet to learn to distinguish between "hack-work" and real works of art.

The festive event dedicated to Bulat Ayukhanov was attended by the prima ballerina of the Stuttgart Ballet Maria Eichwald, the prima ballerina of Essen-Ballet Yulia Tsoi, the honoured artists of Kazakhstan Rinat Musin and Svetlana Kokshinova, the leading soloist of the GATob. Abay Azamat Askarov, as well as ballet dancers of the State Academic Dance Theater of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Bulat Ayukhanov is a Kazakh ballet dancer, ballet master and teacher. He was born in 1938 in Semipalatinsk. Ayukhanov is the head of the State Academic Dance Theater of the Republic of Kazakhstan since 1967. Doctor of Arts, Professor of the Academy of Arts. T. Zhurgenova, as well as a member of the public organization "International Academy of Informatization".

In 1965-2010 he performed more than thirty ballet productions for the music of Kazakhstani composers, including the scenes of the Palace of Congresses and the Bolshoi Theater of the USSR (in the framework of the Days of Kazakhstan in Moscow, 1966), in Montreal (within the framework of EXPO-67), in France (within the days of Amre Kashaubayev in Paris), the London Theater of Bernard Shaw and Cadogan Hall (within the framework of the festival "From the Heart of Central Asia", 2006).

All photo made by Baurzhan Zhuassbayev