Plant for cathodic copper production launched in test mode in Karaganda region

08 August, 2018, 17:35 276
Plant for cathodic copper production launched in test mode in Karaganda region

The construction of the plant for production of cathodic copper began in 2016. 


In the Shetskyi district, a plant for production of cathodic copper has started to operate in test mode. Governor of Karaganda region Yerlan Koshanov visited the plant of Sary-ArkaCopperProcessing LLP, correspondent reports. 

The construction of the plant for production of cathodic copper began in 2016. The cost of the project is more than 14 billion tenges. As of today, the production process was launched in test mode, pilot parties of end products were received. 

"In 2016 we started our project with geological exploitations, then we started to study techniques. And, we also did projection. Over two years, we did a huge work, and today we have finished the construction of the project. The project allows to produce 9000 tons of cathodic copper a year. All producs will be exported," said Kairat Satylganov, Chaiman of the Board of Directors of Group of companies Caravan Resources witch includes Sary-ArkaCopperProcessing LLP. 

The plant is fully has modern equipment from world leaders in this field OUTOTEC (Finland), BatemanAdvancedTechnologies LTD (ISrael, Italy), TELESTACK Ltd (Great Britain), DYNAPOWER LLC (USA), Metso Group (Finland).

As of today, the plant gives jobs to 550 people, mainly, they are residents of near districts. All conditions are created for employees, five corpuses for accomodation are located on the base of the plant, as well as the plant has its own dining room. 

The heap leach - liquid extradiction - elecrolysis techniques (HL/SX/EW) allow to process ore with low content of copper. Also, they are one of the environmental in metallurgy, differ by their lowest emissions of harmful substances into the environment. 

The construction of the plant was held under the active support of the regional Goveror's Office and the Ministry for INvestments and Development of Kazakhstan. The company is a subject of the Entrepreneurship Support Map of Karaganda region, owing which it got tax preferences. The largest support was received by the company from the financial institutes. In particular, Tsesnabank presented loans for more than 60.0 million US dollars. 

The projection and construction of the plant was held by experts of Kazakhstan's companies from Karavan Resources Group. It is the  main pecularity of the plant. The further production of cathodic copper is conducted without attracting foreign experts. 

"The plant was constructed by our resources, that is, by our Kazakhstan's specialists. And today under the support of the Governor's Office of the region, the Ministry for Investments and Tsesnabank, the bank has started its work in test mode," said Kairat Satylganov. 

The production is fully automated and meets the requirements of the Industry 4.0. programme. The automatization is built on the base of the system of technological process control Proscon designed by Finish company Outotec. 

The Governor of Karaganda region was demonstrated with the deposit of copper ore, the crushing and screening complex, the site of heap leach and industrial premises - the extraction shp and electrolysis shop.  

"What is the degree of environmental safety of the plant? For how long will the existing reserves last?" Yerlan Koshanov asked in a talk with the Director of the company. 

"The first stage is the processing of mineral commodities. The crushing complex has two lanes and three stages of crushing. The end product is crushed ore, that is transported to the site of heap leach. There a gathering complex is located, that has 60 units. The entire cycle is closed, that is environmentally safe. The mortar in the first shop of extraction is enriched with up to 45 grams per liter. The shop is explosion proof, it has a high level of protection, the special permit regime and the automatic fire extinguishing system. We pay great attention to the safety at the plant. In the end, we rpoduce electrolyte that goes to the second shop of electolysis. As for techniques, I can say that it is a full cycle of metallurgical processing of mineral commodities with the end product - the cathodic copper. The reserves will last for 15-20 years," said Director of fSary-ArkaCopperProcessing Rustam Dusipov.  

According to Kairat Satylganov, at the end of July the first party of the end products was received. The plant has already signed a large contract on export delivery of the copper produced with one of the largest international traders - Trafigura company. 

"As of today, the demand for copper on the world market is very high. Therefore, the issues with export and selling should not be arisen. Today, along with the production of cathodic copper, we also study the possibility to expand our project. If geological exploration, then we will increase production," said Kairat Satylganov. 

The plant runs in test mode, but unril the end of the year, it is planned to start full performance.