Platinum card holders’ number is on the wax in Kazakhstan

31 July, 2018, 11:25 263
Platinum card holders’ number is on the wax in Kazakhstan

Today it is possible to get "platinum" cards on more favorable terms.

According to platinum cards pigeonhole interest in cards of low segments. Today it is possible to get platinum card on more favorable terms, correspondent reports.

The card market in Kazakhstan is developing at an accelerated pace. Thus, the number of bank cards in circulation increased by 1.2% in a month, by 24.9% in a year, by 54.3% during the five-year period, to 20.8 million by the summer of 2018. Of these, the number of actively used cards has already reached 10.4 million, which is 2.2% more than a month earlier, 23.6% higher than in the same period last year, and 73.6% at once - than five years ago.

In addition, the turnover on cards increased: the volume of cash withdrawal and non-cash payments grew by 0.2% per month and immediately by 38.5% per year, up to 1.5 trillion tenge, the number of transactions jumped by 8.5% per month and by 65.9% per year.

The growth of activity of cardholders was noted both in the cash withdrawal segment (+22.5% for the year in money and +12.9% in the number of transactions) and in the non-cash card payments sector - at once twice a year-to-year in money and in 2,3% - in transactions.

The number of cardholders has also increased by 21.7% for the year and 51.9% for five years, which is 18.1 million people.

Relatively recently in the card segment appeared cards of the "gold" Gold class at the prices of conventional cards. But with the aggravation of competition, banks are moving on. Today, the "golden" proposals are no longer relevant, they are replaced by "platinum".

"12 STBs with their own ATM network offer platinum debit cards. Total number of products in the platinum segment on the market is 14 units.
At the moment, the only STB offering a platinum-level card is free of charge - ATF Bank. It provides courier delivery of the card personally to the client. Also among the most profitable offers - cards of Kazkommertsbank (10 thousand tenge per year) and Kassa Nova (12 thousand tenge per year).
In Kazakhstan and abroad, withdraw cash without interest and commissions are offered by ATFBank and Forte. The same conditions, but only within the RK, are also offered by Sberbank, Kassa Nova and Altyn Bank.