Polish Roksana Węgiel wins Junior Eurovision 2018

26 November, 2018, 10:49 516
Polish Roksana Węgiel wins Junior Eurovision 2018

Kazakh young singer Daneliya Tuleshova took 6th place with 171 points. She was also among the three with the highest online votes. 


Polish Roksana Węgiel won the Junior Eurovision 2018 international song contest, and Kazakh Daneliya Tuleshova was 6th with 171 points, BNews.kz reports. The five countries with the highest points also include France (203 points), Australia (201 points), Ukraine (181 points) and Malta (181 points). 

Daneliya Tuleshova performed third with Ozine Sen song. Her performance was choreographed by famous Russian director Alexey Golubev, who previously worked with Russian singer Polina Gagarina during Eurovision 2015. Daneliya performed barefoot in a white dress, and behind her, a story of two lovers was screened. 

Daneliya is a winner of the 4th season of Ukrainian Voice. Children. She started singing at the age of 8. After the first contest, her parents found a tutor, individually working with the talented Kazakh singer.  

The Junior Eurovision 2018 song contest held in the capital city of Belarus, Minsk, was participated by 22 young singers from 20 states. The final show involved a huge team of fans and over 220 dancers. 

Junior Eurovision is an analog of Eurovision, with children under 15 taking part in it. The contest is televised and broadcast on radio in diverse states, throughout Europe, and on the internet. 

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