Population of Astana increased by 40K within 6 months

30 July, 2018, 13:53 279
Population of Astana increased by 40K within 6 months

Upward 11 thousand babies were born for the period of six month of 2018. 

Statistics department of the Committee on Statistics under the Ministry of National Economy of Kazakhstan informs on demographic situation in Astana over the five months of the 2018 year.

The population of Astana as of June 1, 2018, was 1,045,137 people. Compared with the same date last year, the population increased 42,263 people or 4.2%, BNews.kz correspondent has learned from the Statistics Committee.

In January -May 2018 11 890 babies were born. It is by 4.8% more in comparison with the same period of the 2017 year. The total fertility rate per 1000 population was 27.42 births. During the same period, 1,719 people died in the city. The overall death rate per 1000 population was 3.96 deaths

The natural increase in the population for January-May 2018, compared to the corresponding period in 2017, increased by 474 people or 4.9% due to an increase in the number of births.

"Among the main classes of causes of death, the greatest weight, as before, are diseases of the circulatory system - 33.6%, neoplasms - 21.9%, respiratory diseases - 8.6%, accidents, poisonings and injuries - 9.2% ", the department informed.

It is also noted that in January-May 2018, 35370 people arrived in the capital and 30981 people went down.

The main migration exchange of the city is due to interregional migration: arrivals for January-May 2018 are 21322 people, retired - 16,424 people.