Possible global risks to Eurasia: Trade wars and rivalry between major Powers

12 November, 2018, 15:21 419
Possible global risks to Eurasia: Trade wars and rivalry between major Powers

The results of the international study have been announced in Astana. 

The capital city of Kazakhstan held a presentation of the 'Ratings of global risks to Eurasia in 2019' international study within a special session of the 4th annual meeting of Astana Club, BNews.kz reports referring to the Astana Club Organizational Committee. 

Following to analysts, the worsening confrontation between China and the USA, full-fledged trade wars, a major war in the Middle East, the further degradation of relations between Russia and West, 'defrosting' hot spots in Eurasia, the growth in separatism and ethnic and religious conflicts, the worsening environmental and water challenges, increasing and evolving cyber threats, the beginning of a new arms race, risks of large nuclear and man-made disasters are key global risks to Eurasia.   

The main goal is to develop ratings - assessment of geopolitical and geoeconomic processes both in Eurasia and in the world. 

"For Kazakhstan, being the country situated in the epicenter of all processes in Eurasia, it is very important that its participants find peaceful and compromise solutions to the existing conflicting positions (...) In this context, the risk ratings compiled by us were developed to define the problematic issues that should be a subject of the dialogue," said Yerzhan Saltybayev, a director of the Institute of World Economics and POlitics under the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan. 

Over 30 authoritative experts and politicians from all over the globe worked on the study. 

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