President’s state visit to China implies brand new level of meetings – Kazakh Information Minister

19 June, 2018, 09:32 388
President’s state visit to China implies brand new level of meetings – Kazakh Information Minister

The minister gave examples of how China would become the largest partner of Kazakhstan.

Minister of Information and Communications of Kazakhstan Dauren Abayev talked about the recent visit of head of state Nursultan Nazarbayev to China, correspondent reports.

“It is not an official, but a state visit, that implies a brand new level of meetings and a new level of preparation. As of today, many things have been talked over about the visit of the head of state to China, his participation in the SCO. And, I would like to place your attention to two figures. The first one is that at the joint session of the Chambers of the Parliament the Prime Minister announced the figure. As of today, the level of agricultural exports to China is 150 million dollars,” said Dauren Abayev on the Open Dialogue TV programme.

He noted that as part of the visit of the head of state, an important agreement in agricultural products was signed.

“It means that veterinary and sanitary certificates of Kazakhstan have been recognized in China. That is, exports of agricultural products from Kazakhstan to China will reach 1 billion dollars in the near future. Our farmers will receive these moneys. All this allows to act within the agreement,” said the minister.

The second example, according to Abayev, is the Qingdao Declaration, which is adopted within the SCO.

“It implies 17 directions of joint work: fight against terrorism, drugs and so on. All these things are difficult to trace and comment. And, once we act jointly, all these problems can be easily dealt with,” he said.

“China is the largest producer and supplier of commodities. Annually, China supplies commodities for the total of 350 billion dollars to Europe (…).

More than 20 countries fight to make the Silk Road cross their country. Owing to the diplomatic efforts of the head of state, the longest part of the road, except for China, belongs to Kazakhstan,” the minister said.


We note on the TV programme the minister also commented a discussion of the elimination of visas on social networks for Chinese citizens who want to visit Kazakhstan.

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