Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan and Estonia to present Digital Bridge Awards

31 October, 2018, 10:35 387
Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan and Estonia to present Digital Bridge Awards

The Digital Bridge Awards Forum will be November 5 in Astana. 


The Prime Ministers of Kazakhstan, Estonia, and First Vice Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan will present the first award in the field of digitalization in Kazakhstan to the winners - Digital Bridge Awards, reports. 

"The Forum includes nine panel sessions to which Kazakh and international key experts in IT are invited. For instance, Hyperloop Transportation CEO Dirk Ahlborn will come, Bob Dorf - an entrepreneur, the author of 'The Startup. Owner's Manual'; Jeff Hoffman - co-founder of Priceline Group; Sina Afra - CEO and founder at Evtiko; Rajesh Sawhney - founder of GSF Accelerator in India, Jean-Francois Gauthier - Director-General at Startup genome; Craig Smith who has a 20-year experience in Silicon Valley and heads the Dhahran technological valley in Saudi Arabia, Ben Peck - founder of the Startup Safari international movement and others," said Kazakh Vice Minister of Information and Communications Dinara Shcheglova. 

According to her, participants of the Digital Bridge Forum will have an opportunity to have half-hour 1:1, B2B meetings with potential partners, investors startups. These meetings will be moderated by special mobile apps. 

"We are to announce the app in all accounts of Digital Bridge on social networks and will leave reference so to download," he said. 

In general, it is expected that the results of the Digital Bridge Forum will be expressed in attracting international IT startups and investors to Astana Hub, in sharing experiences in digitalization with states and in the opportunity to meet potential business partners or future employees to promote the IT sector's growth. 

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