Prize Tickets numbers of Universiade 2017 are known

16 February, 2017, 16:31 863
Prize Tickets numbers of Universiade 2017 are known

In Almaty the draw of prizes of 28th Winter Universiade 2017 was finished. There winners of prizes among over 236,000 participants. All the prizes were awarded to the sponsoring companies of the Universiade in Almaty, correspondent reports.

1 table is the ticket number 

2 table is the name of prize

622079903 active pack


490299800 home cinema

855948336 Asus laptop

336119948 Apple laptop

709775025 Macbook Air 13

536746451 Apple iMac Desktop 

 279535804 IPhone 7


264286146 LG refrigerator 

220649071 Bosch Fridge 


451524928 LG Music Centre

190260573 Sony Music Center

392340911 iPad Pro 6.0

274032892 Nikon Camera

 934451911 Canon Camera

786656708 Camera GoPro

469222805 Samsung Video camers


582404978 Bosch dishwasher 

968929225 Beko dishwasher 

414667911 Panasonic 43 TV


625625703 TV

530422026 LG home cinema

733078087 certificate AirAstana for any direction 


557326530 certificate AirAstana for any direction 

986417692 two bedroom apartment

598238894 certificate for the trip to Sapporo

285750047 certificate for the trip to Sapporo

All the participants of the prizes drawing bought electronic tickets got the notification of winning.

Directorate games congratulate all the lucky winners with a victory! On receiving the prize the winners should contact by phone: 8 (727) 313 23 25.

As we have informed, prizes drawing started in December 20, 2016 held in two stages. Participants of the draw could become all citizens of KAZAKHSTAN elder than 18 years who bought tickets for all sporting events of the Universiade. The unique 9-digit ticket participated in the drawing. Zero invitations tickets were not to drawing.

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