Production of fresh and frozen fish saw a 5% increase in Kazakhstan

12 October, 2018, 12:12 1087
Production of fresh and frozen fish saw a 5% increase in Kazakhstan

The country's fishing industry has covered the demand for fishes, crustaceans, mussels by half in the period from January to August, with 51.5% being covered by imports. 


Kazakhstan's fish breeders have produced 17.5 thousand tons of fresh, cool and frozen fishes over eight months of the present year, that is by 4.9% more compared to the same period of 2017, as well as 7.6 thousand tons of processed and canned fish, caviar, its analogues and substitutes - by 0.4% more than in the previous year, reports.  

The main production of canned fish is in West Kazakhstan region (35.4%), Turkestan region (26.5%) and east Kazakhstan (7.6%). 

In general, the fishing industry develops actively. So, in East Kazakhstan region the plant for fish production has switched to production without any form of waste, and a workshop to produce fish flour has been opened. The plant processes four tons of fish over a shift and produces tens of fish products. Up to 40% of waste remains during the processing, then it is used to as fodder for fishes. Most products are exported to European markets.  

The fishing industry develops in the background of environmental actions held in Atyrau region, huge works towards deepening floors of the Kigach and Ural Rivers. Following the forecasts, the number of fishes will considerably increase once the works have been finished. JSC Pavlodar River Port held these works, as the last works to deepen floors of the important rivers in the region were held in the 80s of the past century.  

We note that Kazakhstan's fishing industry over January-July 2018 has covered the demand for fishes, crustaceans, mussels by half, and 51.5% of the demand is still covered by imports.  

Despite it, an increase in demand occurred due to an 18.8% increase in exports year-by-year, and the internal consumption remained almost the same over the year. 

Following September, the cost for fresh and cool fish has been sold at 659.6 tenges per kilogram on average in shops and bazaars, that is by 8.1% more compared to the previous year, frozen fish - 925 tenges, a 9.3% increase is seen against the previous year.  

Salted and smoked fish increased in price by 6.4% over the year, and reached 1381.2 tenges per kilogram, that for herring - by 2.5%, up to 851.2 tenges per kilogram. Canned fish went up in price by 7.4% year-by-year.  

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