Prosecutor of Almaty: One third of those being prosecuted are natives of other cities

10 August, 2018, 16:45 268
Prosecutor of Almaty: One third of those being prosecuted are natives of other cities

Over the last three year, the city has had a decreasing tendency of crimes. 


In Almaty, 31% of those being prosecuted are natives of other cities and the near abroad. It was said at the meeting of the Public Council by Prosecutor of the city Berik Zhuyiriktayev, correspondent reports. 

Zhuyirikyayev noted that over the last three years a decreasing tendency of crimes has been observed. Thus, the level of crimes decreased by 8%, the number of serious crimes decreased by 10%, that of robberies - by 10%, that of violent behavior - by 25%, that of fraud - by 6.5%, and the number of collective crimes decreased by 35%.   

More than 118 thousand video cameras installed in the city facilitated to expose more than 600 criminal and 1000 administrative offences. 

"Almaty is the largest financial, educational and cultural centre. The inflow of internal and external migration increases and it influences on criminal situations in a certain way. As of today, 20% of offences throughout the republic account for the south capital. 31% of those being prosecuted are from other cities or from the near abroad (1 785 out of 5 626)," said the Prosecutor of the city. 

Berik Zhuyiriktayev added that insufficient work was carried out to fight crimes against the person, that number of which have increased by 4%, and that of robberies - by 18%. The increase of crimes among under-age people by 6% is of special concern. There were more than 2.5 thousand road traffic accidents in which more than three thousand people suffered, including 75 fatalities. 

"Almaty has very heavy traffic. But, there is no reason to give up. Theft of property is sensitively affect on the population, the share
of which is 70% of the total crimes - 24 431. The damage is about two billion tenges. At the same time, theft from homes and mobile phones has decreased by 31% and 14%, and, theft of of vehicle has increased by 9.5%," said Zhuyiriktayev. 

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