Ranking of universities based on expert opinion to be compiled in Kazakhstan

15 August, 2018, 15:50 408
Ranking of universities based on expert opinion to be compiled in Kazakhstan

The project was designed as part of the Method PRO summer internship. 


The automated platform for defining rankings of universities and business registry developed by students for the Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs became one of the best projects of 2018 in the Method PRO programme, BNews.kz correspondent reports. 

Over two months, young programmers passed professioanal IT-trainings by the best specialists of various structures and companies. 

"Over two months, we took part in the Method PRO programme, within which we could implement our project, as well as improve knowledge in programming. In the first month, we studied the programming languages, in the second month we developed an automated assessment system of universities that assesses, collects data and gives grade point average on any educational programme," said graduate of the Highest School of Economics of Kazakh Humanitarian Law University Arman Yelesh. 

According to Arman, he knew about the contest from Facebook and got interested in it. Other three students helped his to implmement the project. 

"My team included three people, there were no difficulties in the implementation of the project. The process was labour-intensive, we have been in contact with the Atameken NAtional Chamber of Entrepreneurs, studied all business processes, about how data comes, who fulfils them, how it is processed and controlled. Now, the problem is that this ranking is compiled fully by hand, and all data is calculated in Excel. We have made that our system digitalizes all data. Representatives of the university put data, let say on the average wage, teaching staff, and on the base of this data, they could observe a common table and to download it in an Excel format, at the same time, avoiding double work," said Arman. 

Credit: Tamila Yazykova

This project enables to get feedback from experts, who will assess an aducational programme of the university. 

"This theme is very interesting, because edcuation plays an important role in our times. Many years have passed, universities develop, but not at the pace we want. Why? Because the educational programme does not fit with the time. Let say, the district centre can teach old-fashioned topics, therefore we decided to use this case to get feedback from business. That is, the experts comment in what degree the information presented in the universities is current and will be practically applied in the future. We would like to make the ranking comprehensive for everyone. This ranking can be published by Atameken for public use, and any student can watch it," said the author of the project. 

These times, the programme is at the stage of introduction. The boys had a task to develop the project, and in the near 2-3 months it should had been applied in practice.  

The organizers of the Method PRO programme after the end of the internship present the participants the opportunity to be employed in national companies. 

"I was not offered to be employed. But, during the contest, Mathod PRO gave an opportunity to visit the leading companies of Kazakhstan, to receive and exchange some experience. Therefore, the participants who shoed their best will receive job offers and employment contracts," said Arman Yelesh. 

The main factors that play a role in the formation of a ranking of high education institutions are:

- the percentage of employment of graduates;
- the average wage;
- the staff of Professors and teachers;
- investments.

On the base of this data, a grade is calculated and the average grade is formed, after that, the common ranking comes. Earlier, all processes were by hand, and now this problem is solved.  

"Our project became one of the best ones. After the introduction, our efforts will be paid. But, there are teams that have already received payment for projects," he said. 

Total 40 projects were developed, the list of the best ones includes: 

- The permit system with facial recognition for the General Prosecutor's Office;

- The system of speech recognition and CV analysis for BTS Digital;

- The recommendation system based on machine learning for a network of the Rocket Study English language schools; 

- The road traffic calculation system for K-Cell;

- The ticket return system for Chocotravel&Aviata;

- The Online Payment Comparison System for Chocotravel&Aviata;

- The division of a check for two or more people for Rakhmet (ChocoFamily);

- The online questionnaire with analytics for Technodom; 

- The virtual assistent for Technodom;

- The cross-platform game Ecodom for Technodom;

- The mobile app for the Glotus Limited Kazakhstan transport company. 

"As of today, the world has not an analogue to such internship as Method Pro of our. In the future, we plan to further expand the geography of perticipants and partner-companies. The Fund always supports the gifted youth. We are glad that owing to this programme the young adults can implement their potential," said Deputy Executive Director of the Fund of the First President of Kazakhstan Sultan Aitzhanov.