Reliance on the media fades away – the head of French TV- and radio company

12 July, 2018, 16:20 296
Reliance on the media fades away – the head of French TV- and radio company

The foreign expert told about how the media enjoyed authority in past times using examples.

All new modern technologies have led to the desperate and disintegrated society. Such an opinion was expressed by Director of International Relations and Cooperation of the French Public International TV- and radio company France Media monde John Maguire, correspondent reports.

“44 years ago, when I was 18, the world was similar to today’s one in terms of geography. The Cold War was happening in the European Union. The situation was difficult. There were lots of changes. Of course, many positive changes have occurred since that time, people leaned to work together. The world was quite simpler. There were not many phones, computers, social networks. I had worked in the French company for many years. Why am I going back to those times? The audio and visual media was represented by few number: one TV-channel, two radio stations, two newspapers,” said John Maguire at the panel session of the Media-2020 International Conference.

He noted that during that time he had not even known about the existence of Kazakhstan. Now, according to the Director of the French international TV- and radio company, the presence of an unlimited number of social networks and media, today’s world increasingly becomes disintegrated. 

“Being a journalist, it is important for me that at that time – 44 years ago, the media was respected. Because, they relied on the media. The press had authority, and the audience also relied. Now, one can observe that the reliance on the media fades away. As for fake news, for instance, the USA develops modern technologies. In the USA the traditional broadcasting is not well developed. Everything is private and related to money, it depends on the policy being supported. All new developments have led to the desperate and disintegrated society. People do not listen opinions of each other and are found in cyberspaces, because at this moment the shift from the lineage system happens. People have access to any information in any part of the world, whether by an iPad, mobile phone or personal computer,” he said.

As the speaker underlines, for today the role of the media has become very fragile and told such meetings are needed at the international level.

“We develop at the global level, for instance, I am Irish, work in France and speak of various prosperous states of which I possibly know a little. And we have gathered here to establish dialogue and interconnection. In addition, we are still at the local level of development, we all need to cooperate and only then we will have common values,” said John Maguire.

We note that Astana holds the Media-2020 International Conference as part of the Asia Media Dialogue Forum.

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