Rockfall in Kyrgyzstan: Rescue mission is over

31 July, 2018, 18:13 303
Rockfall in Kyrgyzstan: Rescue mission is over

Those who suffered due to rockfall transportted to Almaty.  

"The rescue operation to save tourists who fell under the rockfall in Kyrgyzstan, completed in Almaty on July 31 at 12.08. Kazaviaspas helicopter MI-171 JSC of with rescuers and victims on board flew from the Manas airport and at 13.23 landed in Almaty,” Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Kazakhstan Yury Ilyin told during the briefing, reports.

According to him, today at 06.58 the Mi-171 helicopter of the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Kazakhstan flew to the Manas airport in the Kyrgyz Republic for the evacuation of the injured tourists on the Scriabin Glacier in the Chu region. There were 14 people on board, including 5 crew members and 9 rescuers of the Republican operation rescue team of the Emergency Committee under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kazakhstan.

At 10.03 the helicopter landed at the Manas airport. On board 7 tourists (men): 3 citizens of Russia - residents of Tomsk and 3 citizens of Kazakhstan, 1 dead - a citizen of Kazakhstan.

According to Ilyin, the deceased man born in 1976 was a resident of Almaty, he worked in one of the scientific research institutes of the city.

His body was transferred to the department of the Department of Internal Affairs of Almaty for carrying out investigative measures.

Currently, the workers of the operational team conduct investigative activities, interviewing eyewitnesses and victims. The doctors examined them, the threats of life are nothing. At present, it can be stated that the rescue operation has been completed, "the deputy minister said.

The cause of the rockfall could be temperature changes and rocky rock instability after the recent earthquake that occurred in the same area in the territory of Kyrgyzstan.